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(Enlarge for better quality! Based off the style for the Etrian Odyssey games which is pretty fun!)
I’ve been working on this for awhile to help promote Little Nyghtmares' second opening and I finally finished! Please check the group out, it’s a pretty great one if I say so myself!
Characters belong to their respected owners:
Lenny (me)
Hey everyone! Do you like drawing/rping kids? Do you like the macabre? Do you like magical boys/girls and being part of a story? Well then Little Nyghtmares is for you! 
A DA RP group based off dead kids trying to work at a chance at living again, it’s one of the most friendly, creative and passionate groups I’ve been a part of. It’s still growing and recently very big events have occurred with even more to come! You have 2 weeks to think of a character and make an application (all information can be found HERE ) and if you don’t feel that’s enough time you can always contact the mods about it (just don’t bug for extensions. That’s their decision ‘v’)
IF YOU CONSIDER JOINING, PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE: Make your kids look spooky. I know that seems obvious given the group but you’d be surprised. Some kids above may not look all that spooky but as long as you give your kid an uncanny valley or strange feeling to them that can work too. BUT SPOOKY WOULD BE THE BEST (which ≠ gore btw).
Going to reblog this a bit more (most likely every other day we’ll see I don’t want to spam you all). Spread the word to people who are into these things or look into it yourself!

HELLO FOLLOWERS! There’s only one week left until Little Nyghtmares closes its doors again! If you’re interested please try to apply! Even if you feel like you don’t have much time left to get an app done at least try! *V* We look forward to the new kids and soon I won’t be spamming you all with this post AHAHAH <3
PS: If you’re worried about the partner thing:
1.) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER WITH A PLANNED PARTNER. Those without will be given one once you’ve been accepted ‘v’ 
2.) IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE IDEA OF HAVING A PARTNER it’s honestly not that bad. Some events have the option of working with your partner/other user but you don’t have to always be doing things with them (but it is nice meeting new people. I got assigned a partner and absolutely enjoy her/have made a new friend!) 

Reblogging here again because of extra information! HEADS UP TOO: there might be an extended week for apps! I’ll leave a message here if that’s what happens!

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Islamic headscarf 101.

this is really important because I didn’t realize there was a difference and other people should know this 

This is so cool

this is a great post because it shows the diversity in how women dress across the Islamic world, but I want to point out the limitations of this chart is that NOT all women in all these countries wear the head covering depicted. You often see a variety of different head coverings in every country, and it’s inaccurate to think that’s the only style worn. Even amongst Muslim women, how much hair or their face they cover is VARIED within each country and even Islamic sect. While this graphic is a great resource to give you an idea of popular ways for many women in each country cover their hair/face for religious reasons, it’s not as though the variety of Islamic headcoverings is country-specific, as some people might interpret this chart to mean.
For example, the picture of “Afghanistan”- that’s a burqa. While it’s true a lot of Afghan women wear burqas, not all do. 
These are ALL photos of Aghan women voting:

 Or in Iran- the graphic shows a hijab. While indeed it’s quite fashionable for many women to wear the headscarf in a manner that shows some of their hair peeking out in the front like this, others ensure they don’t let a single strand show. as this photo shows: 

Others wear a chador too, which is a the long black robe you see a number of women in this photo wearing while queuing to vote- I like this picture because it shows the diversity of how Iranian women dress. 

This is just so that when you see a woman wearing a headscarf that shows her face and some hair, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t be from Afghanistan. Or if you see a woman wearing a long, black chador that hides her figure, she could very well be from Iran. This goes for the other countries featured here- I’ve seen Syrian and Egyptian women wear a huge variety of head coverings for example. I’ve seen Indonesian Muslim women who don’t wear a headscarf at all. So while some head coverings are more common in each country, it’s not very uniform even within a country, and it usually comes down to each woman’s personal preference.